Pretty Good Planners – Healthy Habits System 90-Day Planner


Pretty Good Planners – Healthy Habits System 90-Day Planner.  Eat Drink, Move, Sleep and Do your way to a more productive, and healthier life.

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The Healthy Habits System(tm) helps you to Eat, Drink, Move, Sleep and Do your way to your goals. The 90-Day Planner is meant as a follow-on to the Workbook+Four-Week Planner, also from Pretty Good Planners.

Start wherever you are, and learn to build a realistic plan that incorporates sustainable healthy habits into your lifestyle. Instead of pushing workouts off of your daily to-do list, learn how effective fitness supports productivity in every area of your life. Instead of skipping meals or grabbing whatever food is quick, learn how good nutrition propels you toward goal-achieving success, and strategies to make it fit easily into your daily schedule.

Finally, replace your multiple planners and calendars with the all-inclusive Healthy Habits System planner. You have one life, you need one planner!

Eat, Drink, Move, Sleep and Do your way to your goals with the Healthy Habits System Workbook + Four-Week Planner (TM). Keep the success moving with the 90-Day Planner, and keep the workbook for excellent reference content.

  • EAT – Learn strategies for meal planning and food shopping that will help you feed your body what it needs.
  • DRINK – Understand proper hydration, what adds to and subtracts from your body’s available water, and habits to keep you balanced.
  • MOVE – Track your exercise, how you feel after each session, and learn to plan an active week around an active life and work schedule.
  • SLEEP – Proper sleep is key to overall health. Learn rituals that can help you get the rest you need for a restored you.
  • DO – Put it all together with practical advice on how to set, schedule and achieve your goals.

You have one life.  You need one planner!  (TM)


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