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Supplemental materials for the eBook version of the Healthy Habits System Workbook.


Healthy Habits System PlannerThis collection of materials is made available for customers who purchased the eBook edition of the Workbook + Four-Week Planner.  In the Introduction of your eBook, there is a coupon code you need to enter in the shopping cart so you can get this for FREE!  If you didn’t buy the eBook but want these worksheets anyway, you are welcome to purchase them here.  However, we highly recommend going to Amazon and buying the eBook.  It’s the same price and you get a lot more content.

The Healthy Habits System Workbook teaches you to Eat, Drink, Move, Sleep and Do your way to your goals. Start wherever you are, and learn to build a realistic plan that incorporates sustainable healthy habits into your lifestyle. Instead of pushing workouts off of your daily to-do list, learn how effective fitness supports productivity in every area of your life. Instead of skipping meals or grabbing whatever food is quick, learn how good nutrition propels you toward goal-achieving success, and strategies to make it fit easily into your daily schedule.

Finally, replace your multiple planners and calendars with the all-inclusive Healthy Habits System planner. You have one life, you need one planner!

Here’s what you’ll get in this eBook supplement:

  • Activity worksheet
  • Dreams, Goals and Timeframes
  • Plan to Make Your Dreams Come True
  • “Evaluate” Worksheets
  • “Create” Worksheets
  • Fishbone worksheet and example
  • “The LIST” of healthy foods
  • Progress Tracking Worksheet
  • SMART Goals worksheet
  • Master Task List
  • Grocery List template
  • Strength Training Log

Free version available everywhere.

Paid version available in the US only.  International customers click here.








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