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Pretty Good Planners has launched their Healthy Habits System Planner on Kickstarter that aims to solve the problem that 80% of all dieters gain the weight back.

Scientific studies have shown that healthy habits are the key to sustained weight loss and an enduring healthy lifestyle. The planner is designed to teach those habits and help you ingrain them into your life for long-term results.

At this stage in their development, the founders have opted for a paper planner over an app.  Studies in neuroscience suggest that handwriting helps connect the brain to what is being written in a way that typing alone does not. Additionally, most professionals write their notes on paper anyway, even if they carry a tablet, phone, or computer.

“Current research indicates that your health and fitness are impacted by four main areas:

  • nutrition
  • hydration
  • activity
  • sleep quality

“This innovative system will help you create an actionable plan for how you EAT, DRINK, MOVE, and SLEEP, so you can finally put all the pieces of the weight loss and fitness puzzle together, and once and for all learn what it takes for you to successfully maintain a healthy weight without obsessing over it.

“We believe that physical planners offer better benefits to users than apps and other software planners. Cutting edge neurological research shows that we learn more when we write than when we type things into a smartphone or a computer. The act of writing – of allowing time for the signal travelling from your brain to your hand to form the letters and words on paper – slows us down enough to remember more and to learn more effectively.

“…the innovative feature of this planner is the unique two-page Daily Spread for every day (because Saturdays and Sundays deserve equal opportunity) with the following features:

  • The System border (EAT, DRINK, MOVE, and SLEEP),
  • motivational quote and thankfulness space,
  • the productivity system that includes block schedule, task list, and Big 3 prioritization,
  • and space for notes and ideas.”

Jump over to Kickstarter for more details and to make a pledge via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter


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