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Habits Lead. Results Follow. You really can change the direction of your health by changing your habits. With a system, it’s not near as hard as it sounds. You are not stuck or fated to be overweight. You are in control, with the Healthy Habits System™.


Healthy Habits System

To create change that lasts in your health and fitness, you need a system. The Healthy Habits System empowers you to create healthy rituals that meld into your daily life so that change becomes inevitable. With the Healthy Habits System Four-Week Planner, you’ll discover ways to love the healthy habits you thought you hated, and pick up hacks that make the hard things easy


The Healthy Habits System™ takes the guess work out of weight loss and maintenance by practically systematizing the latest science in metabolism and physiology as well as psychology and motivation.


The Healthy Habits System™ Planner helps you put the pieces together in four major areas while recording what works, tweaking what doesn’t, until you create lifelong habits that will help you keep the weight off for good.


Combine the power of the The Healthy Habits System™ Planner with accountability and a supportive Facebook community page to increase the odds of your success even more. You don’t have to go it alone.


Don’t know how to achieve your specific goals? The Healthy Habits System™ Planner, a supportive Facebook community, and other resources will help you craft your custom plan. Strategy becomes habit, habit becomes success.

Some Facts and Figures

Times the average person tries to lose weight in a year

Billion dollars spent each year on diet plans and weight loss pursuits


Percent that gain the weight back within a year


Need to be following a proven system for success.

  • The Healthy Habits System, for the 80% 80% 80%
Healthy Foods


Being prepared removes temptation, stress, hangry moments, and guilt from the equation and allows you to be in charge in your relationship with food. The Healthy Habits System™ empowers you to always make healthy choices by planning and prepping foods ahead of time. You can use the Healthy Habits System™ Planner to create powerful kitchen habits of meal planning and pre-prepping that will save you calories and money, shaving fat off your frame and your budget, while eat delicious food that fuels your body well.

Drink Plenty of Water


How much water do you really need for optimal health? The answer may surprise you. There’s no set number of ounces everyone should drink; instead, each person’s needs are uniquely determined by the many factors that make them unique. The Healthy Habits System™ Planner will show you how to properly hydrate for optimal metabolic function, and give you hacks to cue you to drink water. Develop your own hydration strategy that makes it easy to drink enough water, and discover how true hydration feels.

Exercise with Intention


Think you don’t have time for exercise? Think you hate the gym? Feel bored with stale workouts that haven’t changed over the years? Learn the power of the Workout Muse to help you fall in love with movement that nurtures your body and your soul. If you don’t love it, don’t do it! The Healthy Habits System™ teaches you how to create a holistic workout plan – gym optional – that will build fitness into your lifestyle in such a way that you wouldn’t dare to imagine life without it again.

Restful Full Sleep


Sufficient sleep is vital to an overall healthy lifestyle. Restricted sleep is shown to diminish mental function and speed while increasing error rates and time waste. Sleep deprivation also causes a cluster of physiological pitfalls that decrease metabolic rate while increasing cravings, but efficient sleep helps protect you against diseases like type II diabetes. Create the optimal Sleep Booster routine to ensure you get adequate rest on the regular, enhancing your mental and physical fitness with restorative sleep.

What Others Are Saying
“What makes the Healthy Habits System Planner so incredibly valuable is that it is actually a very thorough workbook and a 4-week planner rolled into one.” Tiffani Purdy

Life and Business Coach, Sprout + Sage Society

“There is nothing that gets me quite as excited as when I see Christians using their God-given creativity to create things or start companies. . . .Her product solves a real problem that many of us face, and her inspiration comes from God. I’m sure her story will inspire you!” Matt Bell

Business Blogger, God TV

This planner is full of knowledge and resources. I learned new things about nutrition and the benefits of making better food choices.  I was able to log and track my eating habits and evaluate eating habits. Annnd OH BOY! … The Healthy Food List took the guess work out, of trying to figure out what food items and serving size one should incorporate in their daily meals.

Using this planner, I learned a lot and created yummy meals that I enjoyed. Michelene Harrison

Mommy Blogger,

[The Healthy Habits System] completely blew my mind- it is an absolute gold mine for transformation! [This] planner guides you through how to adjust your mindset first, then focus on the key elements you need to re-evaluate in order to meet your goals. Do you ever feel that sometimes the hardest thing to do is stay on track once you’ve started? That’s where [The Healthy Habits System Planner] comes in – and…[it] actually works! Colette Belle

Yoga Instructor, Coach, and Fitness Blogger,

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